The best way to support the channel is through our “affiliate links”. Links of ours that you click before making a purchase will show as a referral from 360 Tactical Solutions. The retailers we work with then send us a commission based on purchases made through those referrals. Its not huge but it adds up and thats what keeps the lights on around here.

One of my favorite online retailers is Palmetto State Armory

It doesn’t matter if im looking to buy a new firearm, ammo, magazines or any number of other accessories..PSA has me covered. Fast shipping and reasonable pricing.

Browne Works offers some of the highest quality custom grips that you can buy. Weather you want a custom logo etched into 1911 grips or some kind of exotic wood and finish you won’t find a better product than with Browne Works.

A new favorite of ours is Tandemkross and if you are looking into building a rimfire race gun these are the guys you want to get your parts from. Unbelievably fast shipping and great customer service.