If you plan to carry that pistol you are going to need a holster. Not just any holster, the right holster. Below are some holsters that I have reviewed and where to order them.

Spider Concealment makes a number of holster variants. The one in this video is their Appendix Rig. Currently promo code MERICA gets you their appendix rig at $45 which is one hell of a price. For more information click the link below


Phlster’s Floodlight is a bit of an odd duck but it does a job that many other holsters don’t, it fits nearly any pistol as long as that pistol has the right weapon light attached.

Don’t know what kind of holster is going to work best for you? Its ok, there are a lot of questions on the subject so I put together a short overview on holsters that hopefully helps you make some decisions on what direction to go.