Tandemkross S&W Victory

Tandemkross S&W Victory

The Smith & Wesson Victory is a great little gun but it can be made better with a little love from Tandemkross. We took our bone stock Victory and started by adding the Spitfire Barrel and Pro Comp.

Because YouTube won’t allow installation videos or instructions, for your convenience I’ve recorded a quick instruction video and posted to my Rumble account.

If you are looking to build a rimfire race gun look no further than Tandemkross. Their selection of parts and the quality is absolutely unmatched. Ive found through my testing that the Spitfire barrel is accurate and runs smoothly. The barrel is actually cut with a channel that lines up with the guns feed ramp and aids in smooth cycling of ammo. Another thing I like about the Spitfire is the built in thumb rest.

I looked at a handful of options for adding a thumb rest but they all required you to drill the frame of your gun. Personally I try to avoid using my tap and die set if at all possible. With this barrel you are not only gaining a high performance barrel thats already threaded but you also get the thumb rest at no additional cost. That’s a $50-$60 savings on top of not having to modify your frame.

If you are looking at this barrel package, do yourself a favor and opt in to include the Pro Comp with the barrel. I cant say enough good about this thing. It makes a noticeable difference on the Victory and the Spitfire barrel just wouldn’t be the same without the comp.

The other must have addition for this build is the Halo Charging Ring. While it may look like the charging ring is oversized and will get in the way…don’t let the looks fool you. I found that the Halo was a much needed addition to this gun and works very well. Being able to just hook your finger into the Halo and charge the gun is quite a bit different from the Victory’s stock configuration. Right out of the box you are liable to struggle with slipping off of the gun while trying to charge it. I like the Halo, I wouldn’t go back to using this gun without it.

So far this build is really fun to shoot. I did get my magazine issues fixed since filming the review video. If you own a victory you can tune the mags in the same way you would Ruger mags and there are video instructions all over the web for that. Now that my mags are running smoothly I cant get enough range time with this gun and I really look forward to the next set of upgrades. Tandemkross has a lot of options for parts so it may take a while before I have decided this gun is finished. Check back soon for an update

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